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Learning SEO

Unfortunately learning SEO isn’t easy, sometimes owerhelming for many business owners, internet marketers and even tech-heads.

Sifting through the information flooding the internet about SEO is enormous. In many cases, the advice founfdin internet is outdated and misleading. And the constant updates by Google make it hard for SEO beginners and gurus alike to keep up with what works.

SEO can be simple and used by anyone to rank at the top of Google, gro theit business and make money online. It’s simply a matter of having up-to-date information on how Google works, using effective techniquesand taking appropriate actions.

Download the free SEO Checklist

Below you can find an extensive SEO checklist, so you can more easily improve your visibility in search engines in step-by-step format. It covers the following areas:

  • keywords research and finding the wright keywords for your site, which tools to use, where to start and so on…
  • on-page optimisation basics, optimising keywords.
  • social media and web analytics setup tips.
  • many and important technical SEO areas

Not just another blog post?

I know what you are going to say now. Nevertheless this is also a blog post.
Yes, but this blog post does not give any advice and guidance. This post is only an excuse to provide you with free SEO checklist based on the book of Adam Clarke, “SEO 2020”
Adam Clarke is a Google certified professional who achieved hundreds on number one rankings over past 10-years. He has consulted countless clients on search engine optimization and from small family owned businesses to international brands.

This post is based on the Adam Clarke’s book “SEO 2020”

Free SEO Checklist 2020.  Adam Clarke. Extensive SEO knowledge to boost your online visibility.